West Bengal progressing in agriculture & horticulture with Garuda Kisan Drones

Kolkata, West Bengal: To bring advancement in the field of Agriculture, KVK has procured 5 Kisan Drones. Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) has procured these agricultural drones under the umbrella of a Central Government scheme.

In the entire state Of West Bengal, toal 5 kisan drones have been purchased at different locations namely Narendrapur, Nimpith & Murshidabad. These Drones have been procured by KVK to extend its reach & application, so that it reaches to the end user, the Annadata our farmers.

Specialists at KVK Narendrapur & KVK Nimpith said that the procured drones as per specifications mentioned by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). The Drones were purchased through e-tender procedure from Chennai based company, Garuda Aerospace Private Limited which is approved by DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) for manufacturing kisan drones.

Specialists of KVK said that Garuda Aerospace has claimed that the Drone has the highest flight time with its approved 10kg payload capacity in the small category of Krishi Drones. The supplied Drone is very advanced and has radar-based OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE for protecting drones from trees, poles.

Another intelligent feature like CROP LEVEL FOLLOWING using radar, this helps in flying at constant height from the crop. Specialist also told that, the kisan drone supplied by Garuda comes with Ground control station remote H-12 manufactured by Skydroid company which can connect with the Drone from upto 3.0 Kilometre.

The Drone can fly in fully autonomous as well as manual mode. Garuda Drone has a flight time of 15 minutes with full payload and 20 minutes without payload and in this time, it can cover spray in 2 Acres of agricultural land.

The Kisan drone supplied by Garuda is capable of further enhancement of Crop Health Monitoring by simply attaching a camera used by Agriculture scientists for analysis of crop health and pest infestation and diseases related to crops.

In KVK Nimpith, Specialist explained that they are achieving spray on more acres as Garuda has supplied bigger batteries of 22000mah with their drones. This is helping them in achieving longer flight time.

Drones will definitely play a big role in agriculture of the future. Central and State Governments are playing a big role by providing subsidies under different policies. Government is also providing loans under the Agri-Infra Fund from many nationalised Banks.