About Us

Hunt i News has been built with a special purpose. Apart from the usual news on this portal, there will be a lot of reading. Most of the portals are focusing on general news today. But our efforts are that people get an opportunity to read and learn along with news, which they do not know or who they want to know about. It has been constructed after a lot of discussions. At present, efforts are being made to share information with other readers in addition to news on this portal.

But from time to time we continue to amend it according to the demands of the readers. Some special tabs are placed in the portal. Hopefully our effort will be good to the reader. It is our endeavor to share more and more information with you. Your voice and personality are two tabs in the website, where the readers can send their writing too. We will place their efforts in our portal.

Many readers write on specific issues or problems. Well readers can send their articles to our tabs in your tabs. For this, readers can send their written articles to [email protected]. We will place their article in your voice. Along with this, if any readers can run their blog, they can also contact us. We will also place their blog in our portal.

Our readership is very important for us. We welcome their suggestions and complaints. For any kind of suggestions and complaints please visit our contact us page and send your complaints and suggestions there. We are always ready to resolve their suggestions and complaints.

Thank you!