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Nepal again tried to capture No man Land on the border

Relations between India and Nepal have deteriorated in the past. Meanwhile, an attempt was made by Nepal to capture No man Land on the border. Attempts were made to capture …

Indian History

medicine finder app DuWah

Abhijeet Daigavane launches the first-ever alternate medicine finder app, ‘DuWah’

Hariom Kumar, Mumbai: Atom O’Sphere is an IT, IoT, AI, and media company based in Mumbai offering new-age advertising solutions, they recently launched an alternate medicine finder app called ‘DuWah’. …

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Arzutra Garielle, becomes the world’s first British Asian Singer

British Pop-star Arzutra Garielle is known to stand out from the crowd right from her initial days. With Hindi not being her first language she still took up the challenge …

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni turns 39, many veterans congratulate him

New Delhi: Former captain of the Indian team Mahendra Singh Dhoni turned 39 years old on 7 July 2020. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s birthday was celebrated by many veterans of the …