CIFFI 2023-24 film festival concludes with glamour, cultural splendour, and diversity in a glittering evening

The Cineaste International Film Festival (CIFFI) concluded in a dazzling evening at DME, radiating glamour, cultural splendour, and a celebration of diversity. Centered around the theme “Cinema for Inclusion” and the hashtag #FilmingDiversity, the festival wrapped up with a grand weekend celebration.

Renowned for its commitment to showcasing a broad spectrum of global cinema, CIFFI closed on a high note with a series of cultural events featuring esteemed guests, including celebrated actor Mr. Vipin Sharma and the creator of the famous animated series “Motu Patlu,” Mr. Harvinder Manakkar.

CIFFI aimed to underscore the significance of diverse perspectives and narratives within the film industry, providing a robust platform for filmmakers to explore and celebrate the multifaceted nature of human stories from around the world. The third day of CIFFI commenced with screenings of films exemplifying the theme, demonstrating the richness of diversity in storytelling. From documentaries to heartfelt narratives, these films resonated with audiences on a universal level, transcending cultural boundaries.

A highlight of the day was a compelling panel discussion on “Digital Content Consumption by Gen Z: Opportunities and Challenges.” The discussion featured prominent figures such as Archana Shrivastava, Principal of East Point School, Richa Badola, Headmistress of Cambridge School, Noida, and Sonu Kundra, Principal of Modern School, Vaishali. Special guest Amit Bhatia, Editor of Entertainment Live at ABP Network, added valuable insights. Dr. Ambrish Saxena, Professor and Dean of DME Media School, delivered the opening remarks, while Dr. Shalini Gautam, Head of DME Outreach, and Madhav Sharma, Assistant Professor at DME Media School, moderated the discussion.
The day also featured the screening of the feature film “Rockey aur Rani ki Prem Kahani” with audio description and sign language. Creative producer and audio description expert Mr. Narendra Joshi explained the creative process behind audio description to the audience before the film screening.

The cultural program was a captivating blend of dance, music, and traditional presentations from various cultures, reflecting CIFFI’s dedication to promoting cultural understanding. Dr. Gauri Chakraborty, a classical dance professor at Bennette University, and Ms. Tultul Chatterjee, a prominent classical singer, delivered unique performances, adding a distinctive touch to the cultural festivities.

Chief guests Vipin Sharma and Harvinder Manakkar heightened the festival’s excitement. Vipin Sharma shared insightful thoughts on the importance of embracing diversity in cinema, and learning from experiances. Mr Harvinder Manakkar delighted fans with his wit and humour. Seasoned media professional Mr. Narendra Joshi and independent filmmaker Mr. Prince Shadwal also graced the valedictory function.

The evening reached its zenith with a ceremony honoring outstanding contributions to filmmaking, particularly those promoting diversity. Filmmakers, actors, and industry professionals were recognized, emphasizing CIFFI’s steadfast commitment to inclusivity.
Dr. Ambrish Saxena, Festival Director of CIFFI, Dr. Vikrant Kishore, Festival Director and Associate Director from the University of Nottingham China campus, and Dr. Susmita Bala, Professor and Head of DME Media School, and Chief Associate Festival Director of CIFFI, also addressed the function.

As CIFFI concluded, attendees departed with a profound appreciation for cinema’s ability to unite diverse voices.  The success of CIFFI 2023-24  was characterized by cultural richness, cinematic excellence, thought-provoking concept and with presence of esteemed guests.