Seeing a black dog in dream is very inauspicious, know its meaning

black dog in dream

Black Dog in Dream: Sometimes it is scary to see black things in dreams. The dog is associated with many types of bad omens and omens. In such a situation, seeing a black dog in a dream gives an indication of future events. There is a possibility that something bad is going to happen to you.

Black dog is considered the symbol of Bhairav Maharaj. Apart from this, the black dog is also very dear to Shani Dev. It is believed that the black crow is also the symbol of Shani Dev. That’s why seeing a black dog in a dream means that you may face failure in some work in future. Nothing good is going to happen in your life.

Black Dog in Dream

Feeding bread to a black crow is very dear to Shani Dev and the person who feeds bread to a black dog or a black crow, is blessed by Shani Dev. Seeing a black dog in a dream is considered very inauspicious. If the black dog is not visible in a happy mood then this dream is not good for you.

It is believed that this is a sign of future failures in your life. It is a sign that many types of problems are going to arise in your life in the coming time. The happiness of your home and family will slowly end.

Happy Black Dog in Dream

If you see a black dog in a happy mood, then this dream is good. Such dreams indicate that prosperity is about to come in your life. It is believed that you will get success in whatever work you do. This dream is considered very auspicious.

Black Dog in the House

We all keep dogs in our homes. If a person keeps a black dog in the house and sees a black dog in his dream, then it is an inauspicious sign. If you see a black dog in your dream, immediately go to the shelter of Lord Shani. If you have made any mistake, then you should apologize to Shani Dev for that mistake.

If Shani Sade Sati is on a person, then it is a very inauspicious sign for that person to see a black dog in his dream. This is an indication that the phase of failures is about to begin in life. That person can get failure in most places in life. To get the blessings of Shani Dev, one should go to Shani temple on Saturday and worship him.