Ration distributed to 500 Dihari laborers under the Aahwhan Foundation

Aahwhan Foundation

The packets of rice, pulses, and Maggi were distributed to the 500 Dihari laborers under the leadership of Nitesh Kumar, Kamlesh Sharma, Devesh Sharma, Pawan Thakur, member of Aahwahan Foundation. COVID-19 is spreading rapidly across the globe. Governments are devising solutions that can support humanity prevail through this challenging period.

Lockdowns and social distancing have been put in place. The Government of India is playing a crucial role through its efforts to spread awareness and by initiating actions to combat COVID-19. It is equally vital for organizations to contribute to the fight against COVID-19.

In a substantial initiative undertaken by the Aahwahan Foundation, over 41,230 families across the different sectors of Noida and Greater Noida have been served ration & food since the national lockdown for COVID-19. We plan to continue this service to society and feed over 1,00,000 families in the coming weeks.

Please support us to do more.

Please donate through AAHWAHAN FOUNDATION
A/C Number: 041588700000185
Bank Name: YES BANK
BRANCH: Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore
IFSC: YESB0000415 , Paytm: 7795065657
Noida Branch:- H No. 252, Salarpur, Sector 102, Noida UP 201301

Thanks to Sang (an Initiative by Young India Follow) Ashoka University Tirupati Food Industries Pvt. Ltd., Swiggy, IPAC, Zomato, Marketonix, Aath Info Solutions, Vedic Grace Foundation for your support.

At this critical period, civil society must come forward and support the vulnerable communities – adults, refugees, migrants, wage workers, individuals affected by homelessness, etc. Your donations to the fund would assist long-term relief for vulnerable communities. Individuals can also make non- monetary contributions – milk, bread, biscuits, rice, wheat, hand sanitizers, masks, etc.