Aahwahan Foundation Help The People during covid 19 epidemic

Aahwahan Foundation

Aahwahan Foundation is a non-profit organization with a big heart that is committed to bringing about a paradigm shift to the NGO space through our selfless and sustained service to restore the socially backward community’s dignity.

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly across the globe. Governments are devising solutions that can support humanity prevail through this challenging period. Lockdowns and social distancing have been put in place. The Government of India is playing a crucial role through its efforts to spread awareness and by initiating actions to combat COVID-19. It is equally vital for NGO’s and companies to contribute to the fight against COVID-19.

The Director of the Aahwahan Foundation, Braja Kishore Pradhan, during a visit to a slum in Bengaluru and Executive head, Nitesh Kumar visited Delhi NCR and observed that people were not aware of the COVID-19. He also found out that those living in the slums were not using masks or hand sanitizers.

Realizing the vulnerability of this marginalized section to the disease, Braja Kishore Pradhan quickly mobilized resources. He set up an internal team for distributing masks, hand sanitizers among the slum dwellers along with educating them on the seriousness of the health issue.

Aahwahan Foundation
Aahwahan Foundation

We have so far distributed ration and food packets to 2,33,200 individuals and 50,110  families across
Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and parts of Odisha. We plan to continue this service to society and feed over
5,00,000 individuals in the coming weeks.

Aahwahan Foundation has collaborated with online food delivery companies – Swiggy, Sabkirasoi, IPAC, NUTY,
Zomato, Poonam Mahajan(Appexx Media) Aath Info Solutions Pvt Ltd., Marketonix team, and several corporates to
reach out to the migrant workers, daily wage earners, and disabled persons.  We have also cared to feed the street
animals – dogs, cats, and cattle, which have been forgotten by human society.

Named “Annapurna Program,” food is cooked in kitchens authorized by the Aahwahan Foundation, which is then
collected and distributed by the volunteers of the NGO in predetermined slums. We are also providing food packets to medical and police personnel engaged in emergency services.

Once the Central Government announced the lockdown, the management of the Aahwahan Foundation contacted the local government officials to understand their requirements. The decision to commence the community kitchen was finalized when it was realized that arranging food for the marginalized section of society would be a considerable challenge.

We then contacted Swiggy, Zomato, and several companies to explain the alarming situation that was unfolding due to the COVID-19 crisis; they immediately agreed to provide logistical and financial assistance.

Our volunteers are presently engaged in operating the kitchens and distribution of the food. The fight against the
pandemic is far from over; our resolve is strengthened when we see the smile on the faces of the people we serve.