Rajendra Prasad Biography: Know the biography of Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Rajendra Prasad Biography:

Biography of Bharat Ratna Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Rajendra Prasad Biography. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of the country, was born in Jiradei, a small village in Saran district of Bihar. Rajendra Prasad was the first politician in India to have the distinction of being the first citizen of the country. Rajendra Prasad was born on 3 December 1884 in Bihar. Rajendra Prasad’s mother’s name was Kamleshwari Devi and his father’s name was Mahadev Sahai.

Former President Rajendra Prasad’s childhood was spent in Bihar

Mahadev Sahai, father of Rajendra Prasad, was counted among Sanskrit and Persian scholars at that time. After birth, Dr. Rajendra Prasad had his initial education in Bihar. He completed his primary education in Chapra. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the youngest in his house. For this reason, Rajendra Prasad was loved by the whole family along with grandmother and mother.

Rajendra Prasad would often get up early in the morning. He was not mischievous but Rajendra Prasad used to wake up his mother in the morning. Rajendra Prasad was married at a very young age. Rajendra Prasad’s wife’s name was Rajvanshi Devi. He was married to Rajvanshi Devi at just 13 years of age.

Rajendra Prasad Biography
Rajendra Prasad Biography
Rajendra Prasad Biography: Higher Education of Rajendra Prasad

Rajendra Prasad was educated in the Chhapra district of Bihar. He completed his early education in Chapra. After marriage with Rajvanshi Devi, she continued her studies and she pursued her further studies in T.K. Ghosh completed the academy. Rajendra Prasad completed his higher education from Calcutta. Rajendra Prasad had knowledge of many languages. He loved to read magazines and magazines in Hindi.

He loved Hindi very much. He liked the Hindi language very much. Rajendra Prasad did his law studies in Bhagalpur. Bhagalpur is a district in Bihar. He had knowledge of English, Hindi, Urdu, Persian, and Bengali in languages. Apart from this, he also had knowledge of many languages.

Rajendra Prasad Biography: Rajendra Prasad’s contribution to Indian politics

Rajendra Prasad was involved in Indian politics while he was working as a lawyer. After being approached by Mahatma Gandhi, Rajendra Prasad was very impressed with Gandhiji and his thoughts. He was greatly influenced by Gandhi’s loyalty, dedication, and courage and joined the independence movement of India.

Rajendra Prasad Biography
Rajendra Prasad as the first President of India
Rajendra Prasad as the first President of India

Rajendra Prasad was elected as the first President of India after India gained independence. He had the distinction of being the first President and first citizen of India. He served as the President of India for 12 years. While in the office of a President, he never allowed Congress and the Prime Minister to interfere in the constitutional rights of the President.

He retired in 1962 after 12 years in office. After his retirement, he was awarded the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest honor. Rajendra Prasad’s life journey ended on 28 February 1963 at Sadakat Ashram in Patna. The biography of Rajendra Prasad is quite inspiring. Apart from his biography, Rajendra Prasad also wrote many books.