“Make in India Initiative Fuels Growth in Electronic Trade: Boosting Economy, Creating Employment, and Enhancing India’s Global Trade Reputation”

Make in India Initiative

PTI: “According to people involved in electronic trade, the advent of ‘Make in India’ has led to significant growth in Indian electronic commerce. This scheme has not only improved the country’s economy but also provided employment opportunities for individuals and elevated India’s reputation in international trade with other countries.

Associations of electronic trade and related industries, such as the Central Radio Electronic Merchant Association and All India Electronic Association, have played a crucial role in promoting electronic commerce and uplifting the sector. Established in 1956 and 1936, respectively, both these organizations are serving the relevant industries in India and Delhi NCR, overseeing various associations and actively contributing to the initiation of electronic commerce.

Recently, on August 5, the Annual General Meeting was organized at the Russian Cultural Center (Feroz Shah Road), where all stakeholders of electronic trade participated. This event, which lasted for about an hour and a half, witnessed the presence of numerous prominent industrialists, businessmen, exporters, and importers. The event aimed to honor the ‘Make in India’ initiative and recognize the efforts of successful businesspersons through the association’s accolades

Indian Electronic Growth

It is worth mentioning that the ‘Make in India’ campaign has resulted in generating revenue amounting to billions of rupees for India, reducing its heavy dependence on imports from China and bolstering foreign currency reserves in many parts of the country. Additionally, this initiative has proved instrumental in creating new employment opportunities.

Following the implementation of Make in India, India has expanded its reach to corners of the country and has also started exporting goods to neighboring countries like Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. The achievers behind this success were honored, and their achievements were conveyed to the nation’s leaders and Prime Minister through the efforts of the association. The organization believes that this development will not only uplift the nation but also lead to substantial improvements in the Indian economy and establish India’s name on a global platform in international trade.”