Vritika 2021: RJ Ankita from California elucidates nuances of Radio during a workshop at Vritika

Vritika 2021 RJ Ankita

NOIDA: The second day of Vritika 2021, organized by Media School of Delhi Metropolitan Education (DME) began with a highly engaging Radio Jockeying workshop conducted by Ms. Ankita Arya, an RJ at Radio Zindagi, San Francisco, USA, on October 12, 2021.

In the introductory note by Dr. Ambrish Saxena, Dean and Professor, DME Media School. He said, “It feels good to get connected beyond boundaries for an interactive and learning-based endeavor.” “Radio is an intimate medium and the most effective tool of communication”, he added.

RJ Ankita initiated the workshop by discussing the Qualities of a Radio Jockey. She shared her experiences of taking interviews of celebrities and how to react promptly to the issues during the show.

The workshop began with hands-on training to the participants wherein RJ Ankita asked participants to do a reading exercise. She made them understand how delivery of the content at the right pace is vital in Radio. RJ Ankita further asked participants to write a 30 second cut on ‘Gali’ without using abusive words in the script. The exciting exercise pulled participants’ attention as they minutely noted all the aspects explained by the expert. The seasoned RJ further gave voice training by demonstrating humming and deep breathing exercises to improve participants’ voices for radio.

RJ Ankita, with her vast international exposure, gave valuable tips to the participants. During the session, she advised participants not to become copycats. “Listeners love originality, students must inculcate this from the very beginning”, she said.

In the closing remarks, Dr. Susmita Bala, Head and Professor, DME Media School said, “Aspiring RJs should emphasize good pronunciation, particularly for words with ‘Nukta’ and other Urdu words. For a radio personality, excellent pronunciation is a crucial virtue.” While Dr. Tinam Borah, Assistant Professor, DME Media School coordinated the session, it was anchored by Sneha Takkar, a second-year student of DME Media School.

Later part of the media fest witnessed captivating competitions like RJ Hunt Competition, Print Ad, 55 Fiction, Group Discussion, Digital Art, and Cartoon Making. Media Students from across the country participated in it.