Amish Devgan apprised media students at DME about characteristics of journalism

NOIDA: Seasoned news anchor Mr Amish Devgan underlined the characteristics of journalism while motivating the new batch of BA (JMC) at Delhi Metropolitan Education (DME) on its campus in Sector 62, Noida on October 13. He was speaking as the keynote speaker in the Session Induction Programme – SIP 2022 organised by Media School of DME.

Mr Devgan, Managing Editor, News18 Hindi Cluster, said that he considered journalism as a passion more than a profession. He added, “Journalism is the only field that allows us to analyse and question the actions of those in power. An enlightened journalist enlightens the world.”

Mr Devgan lauded the role of social media in providing opportunities for new content generation as well as its wider and speedier dissemination. He urged the students to tread carefully on such avenues when it comes to news. “Check the facts of every story thoroughly before publishing because authenticity is the essence of responsible journalism”, he added.

Students from the audience made the session interactive with their curiosity. They asked questions about agenda behind some news and increasing polarization in the content and its impact on the society. To counter this, Mr Devgan strongly recommended students to focus on all the key perspectives of a news story and ensure its objectivity.

Justice Bhanwar Singh, Director General, DME, expanded the same thought and emphasised that students needed to know seven ethical integrities. “Truthfulness with work, respectful towards teachers, open mindedness, discipline, good listening, team spirit, tolerance, and a sense of responsibility.”

Mr Aman Sahni, Vice Chairman, DME, reminded the students to make the most of the next three years and selfishly keep their need of education above everything else.

In her welcome note, Dr Susmita Bala, Professor and Head, DME Media School, applauded the contribution of Mr Devgan. She disclosed to the audience that Mr Devgan learned journalism as a student of the first batch of BA (JMC) in GGS IP University. She thus established the connect between him and the fresh set of students and their parents sitting in Nelson Mandela Auditorium of DME.

Dr Ambrish Saxena asked students to keep pace with changes in the media world in the morning session of the SIP, Dr Ambrish Saxena, Professor and Dean, DME Media School and Director of DME-IQAC asked the students to keep pace with the changes in the world of journalism. He was delivering an orientation lecture for the students of the new batch of BA (JMC).

Dr Saxena touched upon several aspects of media education and industry. He said, “We are living in the age of multimedia where every traditional platform has expanded itself to reach audiences across all daises. Being multitalented is, therefore, the need of the hour for any media student.”

Dr Saxena emphasised that media industry has undergone tremendous changes in terms of its objectives, its processes and its expected outcomes. “At DME Media School, we ensure that our students are ready for this fast-paced and ever-changing industry.”

Students of the new batch were encouraged to understand the shifting paradigms of media and be participatory, forthcoming, and proactive in their approach. To sum up the session, Dr Saxena assured the students that continuous opportunities and encouragement shall be provided at all times. He stated, “Education is meant to open your minds and we endeavour to make you all independent thinkers, capable of original ideas.”

Earlier during the day, students of Batch 2022 and their parents were welcomed by Dr Manmeet Kaur, Associate Professor and Academic Coordinator, DME Media School. She introduced Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University and Delhi Metropolitan Education to the new batch and said, “DME believes in attaining success by following the path set by DME Ethos, which includes discipline, punctuality, honesty and positivity…” amongst others.

Addressing the students, Dr Ravi Kant Swami, Director, DME, said, “Today is a great day in your lives and in the life of DME. We are welcoming the tenth batch of this academic programme. And you are starting this new journey, leaving your school life behind.” He further informed about Sunshine Education Society, which is teaching 10,000 students at present at its various institutes, out of which 2500 are in DME.

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