Shreya Ghoshal inspires Arzutra to release her debut album ‘Woh Pal’

Shreya Ghoshal inspires Arzutra Garielle

Hariom Kumar: Shreya Ghoshal inspires Arzutra Garielle, to release her debut album ‘Woh Pal’. British Born Singer, Arzutra Garielle, fell in love with Bollywood at a very early age. She toured the world. Launched numerous music videos. At times even labeled a diva. For her debut album, she was fortunate enough to work with Dubai based producer, Atif Ali, who has worked on several Bollywood films and tv serials.

Fans eagerly await the launch of her Debut Album ‘Woh Pal, with 9 songs that take her fans into a world of fantasy. “I had an amazing experience putting this Album together. However, I now realize why so few singers release Albums. It’s hard work. It’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears,” claims Arzutra.

Arzutra’s inspiration in music comes from our very own Shreya Ghoshal from Bollywood. “I was obsessed with the way she sang. I even wore my first skinny jeans after I saw her wearing a pair in a concert in London. I looked up to Shreya Ghoshal Ji wishing one day I would be a singer just like her.

My Grandfather used to sit and watch Bollywood movies all the time. I never understood the dialogue at that age so I could never relate to the movie. But I remember being excited every time a song would start. Because of this Bollywood influence at childhood, when I started my own music career, whilst the obvious choice was to sing in English, my heart was set on singing in Hindi.

Shreya Ghoshal inspires Arzutra Garielle
Shreya Ghoshal inspires Arzutra Garielle

It was hard though as I had so much discouragement from friends telling me that I could never sing in Hindi because I couldn’t speak it. I laughed a lot in the early days. Determined to succeed, I listened to Shreya Ji daily for 10 years paying as much attention to her Hindi language as her singing,” adding, “I used to repeat her lines a thousand times over,” she says.

Unknown to the public, in a desperate plea to escape the pain of a broken family, she took up music. Arzutra trained in Semi Indian in London for 5 years before taking to her current study of the Italian style of singing (Bel Canto) from the last 6 years.

Full of surprises, Arzutra will see the launch of her own health website offering natural health awareness for as many people as she can. It’s a project she had originally anticipated for 2021. However the Coronavirus has triggered her to launch this sooner, she says “I have a vast amount of knowledge on health as I read tonnes of books in my teens on the subject – I don’t want to selfishly keep all that information to myself when people need it now more than ever before.”

Inspired by femininity she is in constant search of the power that lies behind a woman. She strongly advocates that every woman should be a work of art. In her home, she has an art museum of the greatest women on the planet ranging from Cleopatra to Kim Kardashian.

A significant milestone in any Singer’s career, the Debut Album is set to release on 1st May 2020. Arzutra’s story is a perfect example of a girl with grit. We are sure her fans from India and all over the world will fall in love with Arzutra and her new album ‘Woh Pal.’