Rekha Rana starts her studies with Harvard University

Rekha Rana

Mumbai:  Amidst the lockdown, everyone is trying and learning something whenever possible, the actors too are finding different ways to keep themselves active and engaging themselves in different activities.

Rekha Rana too is using this free time on her hand wisely and productively. She was supposed to be in Boston right now joining the Harvard University for her degree in management, Economics, and public Speaking but due to the lockdown she could not travel but the college, however, moved the course online which made it possible for her to be apart of the course from India itself.

When asked Rekha she said “I believe knowledge is power and it is something which can’t be stolen from you ever. I always wanted to study from Havard University but due to my busy schedule I was not able to But I had planned to be in Boston in May to August 2020 this year and study and also I had signed the agreement with USA event company, to do Indian Community events in the USA on weekends but due to COVID19 I could not travel, I thought I would not be able to be apart of the course this year but thankfully God has been so graceful and the university moved the course  to online.”

“So I am trying and making the most of my time at home now. I had decided at the beginning of the lockdown itself that I have to use my time productively and being able to be a part of this course is just another great thing  for me.” Explained the actress.

On the other hand, as a responsible citizen of India, Rekha is also helping in raising funds to help the daily wage workers with Wockhardt Foundation and they have helped more than 5000 families and provided them with food and medical essentials.