Sensitization about Disability Rights amongst the masses will lead India towards a true Viskshit Bharat by 2047: Prof.(Dr.) Anil Sahasrabudhe

Disability Rights amongst the masses

The International Conference on Championing Inclusivity: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Disability Rights and Social Justice was graced with the esteemed presence of Prof. (Dr.) Anil Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, National Educational Technology Forum, Chairman of the Executive Committee of NAAC, NBA, and Former Chairman of AICTE, whose thought-provoking address emphasized the need to sensitize society towards inclusivity.

He said that all educational institutions should conduct Anubhav Sivir for a week annually to raise awareness about disability rights among the stakeholders. The International Conference on “Championing Inclusivity: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Disability Rights and Social Justice” was held in the Nelson Mandela Auditorium on 26th May 2024 at Delhi Metropolitan Education (affiliated with GGSIP University, Delhi), Noida.

The Conference was organized by DME Law School, Noida in collaboration with the Centre for Advanced Study in International Humanitarian Law, RGNUL, Patiala, University of Jammu & Rotaract Club, Noida.

Disability Rights amongst the masses

Mr. Nipun Malhotra, CEO of Nipman Foundation, Founder, Wheels for Life gave valuable insights on disability, drawing attention to the significance and need of constutional protection for persons with disability also.. Rtn. Ashutosh Singhal, President, Rotaract Club, Noida, Dr. Shashi Sharma, CEO Founder & Vice President, Timetogrow Media, Prof.(Dr.)

Rashmi Khorana Nagpal, Associate Dean, NMIMS University, Chandigarh, and Mr. Vipin Sahni, Chairman, DME further enriched the conference with their perspectives on societal perceptions of disabled individuals and the moral imperative to embrace inclusivity from various theoretical standpoints.

The inaugural ceremony was graced by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Bhanwar Singh, Director General, DME, and Prof. (Dr). Ravi Kant Swami, Director, DME. The focussed address on the Rights of Persons with Disability Act, 2016 underscored the conference’s commitment to promoting inclusivity.

Disability Rights amongst the masses

As a symbol of this commitment, the esteemed guests were honored with saplings, reflecting the conference’s dedication to nurturing an inclusive and equitable society. Overall, the International Conference on Championing Inclusivity served as a catalyst for dialogue, awareness, and actionable steps towards fostering a more inclusive world for individuals with disabilities.

The International Conference began with a technical session presided over by Ms. Shaheen Malik and Mr. Ali Zia Kabir Choudhary, focusing on “Empowering Inclusivity: Bridging Disability Rights Across Borders and Disciplines. The second technical session received critical feedback emphasizing comprehensive research and awareness of government initiatives.

The second session, chaired by Prof. (Dr.) VP Tiwari and co-chaired by Dr. K.K. Dwivedi, explored “Breaking Boundaries: Inclusive Education and Disability Rights in the Context of Law, Violence, and Reproductive Autonomy under UN and International Frameworks,” highlighting the importance of legal advocacy and policy reform. Both sessions aligned with the conference’s goals of promoting inclusivity and interdisciplinary understanding of disability rights.

Disability Rights amongst the masses

The Conference also featured 14 Online technical sessions, addressing topics like inclusive education, national legal frameworks, media’s impact on disability perceptions, and reproductive autonomy. These sessions facilitated paper presentations and discussions emphasizing comprehensive research and government initiatives. Session 15, chaired by Dr. Ruchi Sapahia and Dr. Parikshet Sirohi, focused on intersectionality in disability rights and social justice, covering issues such as women with disabilities, social security benefits, violence, economic justice, and disability models.

Technical Session 8, led by Prof. (Dr.) Kavita Solanki and Dr. Balwinder Kaur, explored judicial responses to disability, including activism, legislative reforms, learning disability assessment, workplace inclusivity, and implementation gaps. Overall, the symposium aimed to foster interdisciplinary dialogue, promote inclusive policies, and advance disability rights and social justice, striving for a more equitable society where everyone can thrive and contribute meaningfully.

In the valedictory ceremony of the conference, awards were presented in various categories by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Bhanwar Singh, Director General of DME, and Dr. R.K. Randhawa, Head, DME Law School. In the Research Scholar category, accolades were bestowed upon Dr. Hitesh Kumar Thakkar, Dr. Marisport A, and Mr. Nakul Saha from Gujarat National Law University for their paper titled “Mandatory Signature for Visually Challenged Bank Customers in Banking Transactions: Challenges and Solutions.”

Disability Rights amongst the masses

Additionally, in the Student Category, recognition was given to Ms. K. Shrutha Kieerthy and Ms. Srinitthi K. M. from Saveetha School of Law for their outstanding contributions. Furthermore, offline awards were presented to Mr. Rishabh Malhotra for his exemplary research on “Championing Inclusion: The United Nations’ role in advancing disability rights globally.”

The best research paper awards were granted to Ms. Muskan Grover and Mr. Deepak for their respective contributions: “Invisible Victims: Addressing Violence against Females with Disabilities” in the student category and research scholars category, highlighting the significance of their work in addressing critical issues surrounding disability rights and social justice. The Conference ended with a Vote of Thanks by Ms. Sreedurga T.N, Faculty Convenor.