NRC to be applicable in Delhi after Assam as well – Manoj Tiwari

NRC in Delhi

New Delhi: BJP’s Delhi president Manoj Tiwari has demanded the implementation of NRC in Delhi as well. Manoj Tiwari said that the National Citizen Register needs to be prepared, as the situation is becoming very dangerous. He said that illegal immigrants who settled here are the most dangerous. We will also implement NRC in Delhi.

NRC in Delhi
BJP Delhi President Manoj Tiwari

Let’s know that the final list of NRC was released in Assam on Saturday. More than 3 crore people have got a place on this list while more than 17 lakh people are out of this list.

After the release of the list of NRC, the opinions of many political parties have started coming up. Congress interim President Sonia Gandhi is meeting on this issue. Maybe Congress can try to take a statement from the government with this issue.

Woman with NRC application

However, the demand for Manoj Tiwari in Delhi has come at a time when there is already an atmosphere of uncertainty in Assam. Many parties including BJP, Congress have expressed doubts about the NRC list of Assam.

After the list was released, the Chief Minister of Assam has appealed to the people of the state to maintain peace. Security arrangements have been tightened in all sensitive areas of the state. The Chief Minister has assured the people that injustice will not be allowed to any citizen. Those not on the list will be given another opportunity to appeal.