New Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill: You will have to pay fine up to Rs 10,000

Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill

New Delhi: The Central Government has passed the new Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill from Parliament, further tightening the traffic rules. The government can implement this law from 1 September.

The government wants to implement some of the provisions of this Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill immediately. Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said that the new penalty rules of the Motor Vehicle Act will create fear among those who violate it.

Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill

Nitin Gadkari said that earlier people did not respect the law and were not afraid to break the rules. But now such people have to think ten times before breaking the rules.

Gadkari said that keeping in mind other things, we have implemented many new provisions. Along with this, the Road Safety Board will also be made like the Railway Safety Board. This board will deal with every issue related to road safety.

He said that the assistance of 14 thousand crores is going to be received from the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank. It will be used to secure the roads.

On increasing air pollution, he said that electric vehicles have been started in public transport. He hoped that the situation would return to normal in the next few months.