Jammu and Kashmir will be a union territory from October 31

Jammu and Kashmir union territory

With the weakening of Section 370, the way for the implementation of the Central Government’s law has now been cleared in Jammu and Kashmir. Now all the central laws will come into force in the state. Many changes have been made by the state administration regarding this. The state administration has taken a major decision in this regard and has decided to abolish the seven commissions from Jammu and Kashmir.

The commission that the state administration has decided to abolish includes the Human Rights Commission and the Information Commission. Explain that this order of Jammu and Kashmir administration will come into effect from October 31. The commissions that have been abolished are as follows:

1. Jammu and Kashmir Human Rights Commission

2. State Information Commission

3. State Consumer Redressal Commission

4. State Electricity Regulatory Commission

5. Commission for Women and Child Development

6. Commission made for differently-abled people

7. State Transparency Commission

Explain that Jammu and Kashmir will become a union territory from 31 October. After which central laws will come into force in Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir is also a Union Territory with Assembly like New Delhi.

The Commission of Jammu and Kashmir State which has been abolished will now be under the Central Government. Now the state will work accordingly. Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh will be two states. Jammu and Kashmir will be a state with assembly while Ladakh will be a state without assembly. Both union territories will come into existence on 31 October.