Haryana Assembly elections, meeting at midnight at Amit Shah’s house

Haryana Assembly elections

The results of assembly elections have come in Maharashtra and Haryana. In Maharashtra, the BJP coalition government has got full support but in Haryana, the situation is reversed. This time the Congress has done better in Haryana. The BJP will need other parties to form the government in Haryana. BJP has won 40 seats in Haryana. BJP will need a total of 6 more MLAs to form the government.

After the assembly results, a high-level meeting was held overnight at the house of BJP President Amit Shah. The further strategy was discussed in the meeting. In the Haryana Assembly elections, BJP has not got the expected result. At the same time, Congress has also started playing bets to form the government.

The Congress has 31 seats in the Haryana Assembly elections. Information is coming that BJP can form the government with the support of independents here. At the same time, after the election results, Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath lashed out at the BJP and said that now the BJP should accept that the people have rejected the BJP. He said that now in Haryana, BJP has to form the government with jugaad.

Meanwhile, Haryana Lokhit Party MLA Gopal Kanda met BJP Working President JP Nadda in Delhi. BJP MP Sunita Duggal, who brought Gopal Kanda from Chandigarh to Delhi, said she has told senior leaders of her party that some independent MLAs and MLAs from other parties are ready to support the BJP in Haryana.