Feature film Tara is now streaming on Amazon Video in USA, Canada & UK

Feature film Tara

Hariom Kumar, Mumbai: “Tara: The journey of love and passion” has always received so much love and affection from all over the world. The film stars International Award Winning actress Rekha Rana, Rohan Shroff, and Ashish Saleem and is Produced & Directed by world-famous & very talented Kumar Raj.

Feature film Tara
Director – Producer Kumar Raj

Tara feature film is now available in countries like the USA, Canada, and the UK on Amazon Prime which is one of the largest digital entertainment websites in the world.

The feature film Tara was also selected for Oscars from West Africa in the Best film foreign-language category. To date, the film “Tara” has been officially selected in 296  international film festivals and has received over 199 International awards worldwide.

Producer & director Kumar Raj picked up film making because of his extreme love and passion for cinema.

When asked Kumar Raj about the movie receiving so much of love all over the world he said ” I really feel blessed when my movie is appreciated by the audience all over, people from all over the world have loved my movie and now we are very proud that my film is now streaming on Amazon, I have started receiving a lot of good messages from the US, UK, and Canada. It’s really a blessing when your efforts are being appreciated & applauded by the audience worldwide. “

The film is doing great on Amazon USA, Canada & UK and it will be next streaming in Japan & Germany also very soon.

Kumar Raj’s next venture  titled “Yahan Ameena Bikti Hai” will soon be released.