Coronavirus knocked in India! Increased surveillance at airports


New Delhi. The coronavirus spread in China has also knocked in India. Two suspects in the coronavirus in Mumbai have been identified. Both patients were tested at Kasturba Hospital. According to hospital officials, both patients have mild cold-cold symptoms. Let us know that 26 people have died due to Coronavirus in China so far.

9 cities, including Wuhan, have been closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus in China. People are not allowed to move out of homes. More than 700 Indian students study in Wuhan, China. Currently, 830 people in China are reported to be infected with corona.

According to the information, both the people who returned from China are feared to be suffering from Corona. Both the patients are kept in separate wards at Kasturba Hospital. Both the patients have not been given any information about this at the moment. There is an atmosphere of panic among people due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in China.

Necessary instructions have been given by the government to deal with Corona in Kasturba Hospital. A separate ward has been created for the patients of Hospital Corona so that those infected with the virus can be treated appropriately. It is being told that all doctors have been advised to send the infected people to the ward without delay.

Coronavirus spread in China and till now more than 20 people dead due to corona. More than 800 people in China deeply affected by this disease and many countries made an announcement to keep alert on the international airports and major hospitals.