TMS a New Hope for Depression and Addiction Treatment

Depression and Addiction Treatment

The Mind-Brain Institute introduces you to the effective, non-invasive, and FDA- approved, treatment of the health issues like Depression, smoking, Anxiety, critical addiction as well as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or OCD.
Founder of the Mind-Brain Institute or Dr. Anuranjan Bist, who is also a psychiatrist is having experience of long 16 years in this field and has brought out some technological-breakthrough in order to treat Major Depression, anxiety, OCD PTSD & various similar other diseases.

Their institute has introduced highly effective & FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment for patients who have been suffering from mental disorders, OCD, Depression, bad addiction, and smoking. There are not many side effects are associated with this kind of treatment & this can be performed comfortably by the experts of Mind-Brain Institute. Apart from that, you will get fully optimized psychiatric facilities under cutting-edge treatment options.

How TMS is effective?

TMS or in other words Transcranial magnetic stimulation is the non-invasive and FDA-approved brain stimulation technique that is very helpful for the treatment of certain diseases linked with anxiety, addiction, OCD, or any sort of disorder.

Is it helpful?

With the help of a doctor, the mind circuits which are involved with a certain type of brain disorder or additional related emotions can turn off or turn on those circuits linked with the disorders to stimulate under the magnetic field.

For future emotional disorders, anxiety, addiction like smoking, and other OCD conditions, it is the best method for your treatment. It is non-invasive & very safe. Only at the start of the treatment, you may feel a little amount of headache that can be cured with normal health medicines. But after 2-3 sessions of this treatment, the headache will not be there.

How MindBrain is using it to treat people?

We are using very powerful magnets to stimulate those areas of the brain that is carrying the signals from one part of the brain to the other one that is concerned with emotions to make them stronger and resilient. Therefore, that circuit will not get effective and certain anxiety or sudden depression does not come in.

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