No mask means no shooting for actor Aarya Babbar

Actor Aarya Babbar

Actor Aarya Babbar is back on set and is ensuring all the covid precautions are followed while shooting his next web series ‘Duniya Gayi Bhaad me’ with Rahul Dev. We happened to get our hands on one such video wherein we can see the ‘Ready’ actor being very rigid with the onset team that he will only shoot if everyone is wearing a mask.

“Though the industry is getting back to its feet, it’s necessary we follow all the safety precautions in order to continue working. I made it very clear with the production no mask meaning no shoot and I am happy that everyone is following all the precautions.” explained the actor.

Aarya is currently shooting with Rahul Dev in Mumbai for an upcoming criminal thriller ‘Duniya Gayi Bhaad me’ directed by Rohit Gangurde & produced by Dilip Pithva under the banner HMAC Entertainment Pvt. Ltd which will release exclusively on the online OTT platform called ‘Digiflix TV’

Aarya Babbar will be seen playing an intense cop whereas Rahul Dev will be playing the role of a NCB officer. The series is tentatively slated to release in February 2021.