Imran Khan’s day out with Nawab Sahab

Imran Khan’s day

Mumbai: Royalty, as we witness it is the epitome of grace and so was Syed Nawab Raza Sahab when he visited Mumbai this weekend for some official work and to meet Imran Khan. Imran met with Nawab Raza Sahab when he was in Bhopal doing location recce for his film ‘Mai Bhi’ and have been bonding with him ever since.

Imran Khan’s day out with Nawab Sahab

“Nawab Sahab treated us with utmost grace and hospitality which reflects the ettiquets passed onto him by their ancestors.

When we were shooting in Bhopal it being a new city to the entire team we expected to face a lot of issues. Nawab sahab told me that we shouldn’t worry about anything and if there comes a time of crisis or need he’s just a phone call away. That meant a lot for us and helped me and the whole team calm ourselves.’ Narrated Imran Khan on their visit to Bhopal.

Imran Khan has been a prominent face in Tv and film industry for almost 20 years now and is currently seen on Star Plus’s hit shot ‘Divya Drishti’. He is coming up with a movie called ‘Mai Bhi’ under his production which deals with the issue of mental and physical abuse faced by juvenile boys.

“He came to Mumbai and ringed me. I offered to take him out to show around the city. Then we went for lunch where we had a nice meal but Nawab Sahab didn’t even let me touch my wallet. He being a Nawab stopped me from paying the check and took it as matter of pride.

His generosity is truly commendable and it is hard to refuse anything to him. Then I just dropped him to the airport where he again offered me to visit Bhopal and witness the royal mehmaan-nawazi.” Spoke the ‘Mai Bhi’ maker.