Filmmaker Dushyant Kapoor brings back ‘Doraemon’ the globally loved cartoon with a new twist

Filmmaker Dushyant Kapoor

Multi-talented Dushyant Kapoor is known for his super-hero based web-series, films but looks like the young & talented lad now has also started re-creating some iconic and much-loved cartoon series. Dushyant recently released ‘The return of Doraemon’ for all the fans that were left heartbroken after the cartoon ended.

“The content I usually create is based on superheroes but this is one of the few times I created something that is different. I had this idea with me since I was 8, but I was waiting for the right time to create this project & now that it finally happened I couldn’t be happier.” explained Dushyant.

At just a young age of 23, Dushyant has not just been known for his acting, he has often taken up the roles of a writer, director, editor, singer, producer, and composer. Dushyant has also worked on multiple projects with actor/anchor Maniesh Paul which got him multiple awards in film festivals around the country.

 “From my childhood I was only interested in 2 subjects Film-making and Sci-fi, I would create these whole scenarios in mind about superheroes and when I grew older I knew this was something I wanted to do. I brought together 2 of my passions & interests and have been working on it since then.” Added  Dushyant.

 Dushyant has also started a production house along with Ankit Vatsa under the name of ‘DK FILMS’ which they rightly like to call it as a “destination of Indian Superheroes”

His most recent venture ‘The return of Doraemon’ recently crossed over 1 million views in just a period of a few weeks; this surely speaks about the good and rich quality of content they produce.

Even in the lockdown the team has managed to  put together 5 new short films which is something nobody should miss, so what are you’ll waiting for? Head over to DK FILMS youtube channel now!

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