Corona virus protection – DRDO designed bio suit

Corona virus

New Delhi: DRDO has reported relief to the medical personnel of the country amid the ever-increasing cases of Coron virus in India. The DRDO has designed a bio-suit to protect medical personnel fighting Corona virus infection against the dreaded virus.

According to DRDO scientists, coating, nanotechnology, and textiles have been used to prepare personal protective equipment. Explain that preparations are being made to make this bio-suit on a large scale.

DRDO has described this suit made to fight the Corona. According to DRDO, this suit is capable of dealing effectively against the corona virus.

Significantly, the DRDO had earlier prepared a similar suit for the Army. Currently, the suit designed to fight the corona virus will protect the lives of medical staff, doctors, and paramedical who are fighting the corona.

Currently, the capacity for producing bio suits per day in the country is 7000 suits. However, a vendor has said that he is trying to produce 15,000 suits per day. Let us tell you that DRDO works with its partners in the manufacture of bio suits in the country.