Bollywood inspires British singer Arzutra Garielle to launch an Indian album

British singer Arzutra Garielle

After the success of her debut album ‘Woh Pal,’ British Popstar singer Arzutra Garielle has announced the launch of her next single titled ‘Tumhaari’ from her second music album. Following the success of her last single ‘Dard Mein’, she decided to give fans another uber-romantic song. “I know my fans – they are die-hard romantics,” says Arzutra.

We are continually astonished how a British Singer who can barely speak or understand Hindi has managed to get to her 14th Hindi single so smoothly and with great success. Arzutra told us “My Father was a bollywood film junkie and so I only grew up listening to Bollywood music. I dreamed of being a Bollywood singer.”

We can certainly hear the Bollywood influence in ‘Tumhaari.’ ‘Tumhaari’ is produced by Dubai based composer Atif Ali, who produces music for several Bollywood films and TV drama serials. The inspiration behind the song dates back to the start of a new blooming real life love story.

British singer Arzutra Garielle
British singer Arzutra Garielle

At the same time Arzutra points out ‘Tumhaari’ is the very song she cried for 8 hours straight on a flight back to London from Dubai after a New Year’s tragic heartbreak. “The song reminds me of a reversible sweatshirt. On one side, the lyrics of ‘Tumhaari’ resemble falling in love, and on the other side they resemble feeling hurt,” Arzutra says.

Talking to Arzutra about what the song means to her she said, “While listening to the song I have more memories of tears rolling down from my face on the Emirates flight than memories of when I fell in love with him. I’m one of those people who wipes out all memories of my ex’s. It’s too painful. Once it’s over everything becomes history.”

 The elegant video, directed by Hussain Zaidi, is shot beautifully in the South East Coastal region of England. It depicts romance with a subtle hint of loneliness. Arzutra’s solo shots remind us of a very Mona Lisa style.

As one of the rare singers with back to back releases in the Lockdown, Arzutra was quick to announce the launch of her next single after the success of debut album ‘Woh Pal’ in May 2020. Now the wait is finally over as the singer launches her next single ‘Tumhaari’ on 17th July 2020.