Aahwahan, Pastels and Pop Announce to Help Marginalized Communities


The Aahwahan Foundation and Pastels and Pop Company have announced a collaboration to work together on multi-level social interventions, combining Pastels and Pop’s sharp brand image and Aahwahan Foundation’s experience in far-reaching social work. The company would be donating a portion of its profits year-on-year towards social welfare while the NGO will implement the projects.

The Pastels and Pop Company has become famous for creating quality, affordable designer ethnic wear. Their client base includes celebrities and fashion-conscious urban women. The Aahwahan Foundation is a grass-roots NGO supporting women’s empowerment and has spent years putting women’s welfare at the forefront of its mission.

More than two decades after liberalization, India is richer but more unequal. A strong undercurrent of casteism, regionalism, and communalism has stifled growth for a vast majority, widening the economic gap between the rich and the poor, the urban areas, and rural areas. Through this vibrant social partnership, we aim to create a culture of civility, compassion & respect for every individual and promote inclusive growth.

During Navratri, we worship Goddess Durga for nine days, while for the rest of the year, we physically, emotionally, mentally abuse women. The freedom and safety of women must be at the core of a progressive society. In this regard, neither has our society achieved real independence nor is it progressive.

Women are the key to a nation’s overall success. As pillars of strength for their family, they are known to invest significantly in their children’s health and education, which creates a transformational economic growth. Our partnership focuses on empowering women at the workplace and throughout society. We shall work relentlessly in supporting women to achieve social and financial freedom.

Aahwahan Foundation congratulates Akanksha for being an inspirational entrepreneur and trailblazer; having a global outreach while retaining the Indian identity in the niche fashion and accessories domain.