United Biscuits Join hands with Aahwahan Foundation for Grassroots Social Work during Covid19

Aahwahan Foundation

The Aahwahan Foundation and United Biscuits have announced an agreement to work together on multi-level social interventions, combining United Biscuits’ strong brand presence and Aahwahan Foundation’s experience in far-reaching social work. The company has donated Choco Creams/Biscuits/Chocolate packets of choco cream for social welfare while the NGO will implement the projects. Speaking on behalf of United Biscuits, Akhil Sood promised year-on-year support.

The United Biscuits is a global food manufacturer prominent for Godiva, McVitie’s, and Ulker brands. Aahwahan Foundation is a grassroots NGO supporting marginalized communities and has spent years putting social welfare at the forefront of its mission. United Biscuit’s Kuldeep Singh said the social partnership aims to work through the Covid-19 crisis and spread positivity every day.

Though the global community has passed many challenges, we understand there are more ahead. As responsible social organizations, our work at the grassroots would remain open and adapt to the varying conditions, supporting homeless people and other vulnerable groups through a virtually life-saving role.

We are committed to responding to ethical challenges professionally while overcoming weak social service infrastructures; the focus would be on community development approaches since change happens from the grassroots upwards.

A crisis always presents an opportunity to reconstruct a more inclusive society; our social partnership seeks to highlight the long-term social solutions during this pandemic. We are keen to address safety across the social stratification today and also to transform anxiety, pain, and loss into empowerment and social change.

On Tuesday, The Aahwahan Foundation commenced distributing choco cream packets to the poor residing in slums across South Bangalore. Several individuals at the distribution thanked the Aahwahan Foundation and United Biscuits for demonstrating sensitivity towards their problem.