What was India invited despite not being a member of G-7?

G-7 summit 2019

The G-7 (G-7 summit 2019) countries are meeting this time in the beautiful city of France. The city is situated on the beach and is also very beautiful. This time India has also been specially invited to this (G-7 summit 2019) conference.

G-7 summit 2019

However, India is not a member of the G-7 club. In contrast, India has been called to attend this conference. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached France to attend this conference as India’s representative.

Apart from India, G-7 member countries and Australia, Spain, South Africa are also attending this conference. Among the invited members are India, Australia, Spain and South Africa. India has been specially invited to this conference.

Significantly, the G-7 is a club of seven member countries. This includes Canada, Italy, France, America, Japan, Britain, Germany. 40% of the world’s GDP is occupied by these countries. But only 10 percent of the world’s population lives here.

The G-7 is headed by France this time. The president of this conference has certain rights to the country. Using this right, he can invite some other countries as well. India’s credibility has risen on the global stage in the recent past.

India is the fastest-growing economy in the world. Today, the world is well aware of the pace of development of India. The result of this increasing stature of India is that India has been specially invited to this conference.